Feature Requests Thread

Is it possible to make the launcher more eyecatching?

Currently there is shades, it would be better if there is some animation such as bouncing…

Not a big and hurry issue, anyway~

Sounds eye-catching indeed. Not sure how it would look when implemented.

Thanks for the input,

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It would be great to have a timer that allows you to select when the bot should be popping up on a specific page.

Selection options:

  1. immediately on page load
  2. enter any x-seconds

I would love to see that implemented!


LAUNCH the bot at x-% of scrolling::slight_smile:

It would be great to determine at what specific percentage (x%-Scroll down) the bot should be triggered and start popping up on a specific page.

Selection options:

  1. 0%-scrolling = immediately on page load
  2. enter any x%-of scrolling the page (for example, 10%, 15%, 25%, etc.)

I would love to see that implemented!


WordPress Plugin:

I would love to see the WordPress Plugin developed further.

  • page selection (what bot on what specific page)
  • Timer
  • x%-Scroll Down Launcher
  • etc.

I love your work!!! :slight_smile:

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RULES: How often the Chat-Bot should appear!

It would be also very useful to make a selection how many times the chat-bot should appear at one specific website.
If the chat-bot appears all the time, it can be very annoying for visitors who don’t want to see the bot.

Also, after the chatbot was used, there should be an option to not show up again.
Options of specific rules would be fantastic!

Hi Bernhard,

Thanks for these inputs. Both the above features are already available. If you goto Settings>User Targeting, you will see the timer option. Plus, if a user has already used the bot, the bot will not auto-popup itself again. It will lie dormant in the corner.

The scrolling option is something we have to look at.

For WordPress, if you want a different bot for different pages, I suggest you try this option mentioned in this post. We will be bringing this feature to our native plugin.

Keep such inputs coming :slight_smile:


Thanks for the suggestion :raised_hands:
We have the opening of bot based on scroll position on our product roadmap. Stay tuned.

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YOU GUYS ROCK - I’M LOVING IT!!! :grinning:


ohh… and maybe one more thing, I forgot to mention: category–> when to trigger the bot

In some cases, it’s good to trigger the bot only, when a user has the intention to EXIT the page.

I’ve seen this in other apps. When someone tries to close the browser… just right before he hovers over the x-checkbox to close the browser… an action is triggered with a pop-up window.

Instead of a pop-up… it would be great to trigger the bot.
I can see that as a very useful additional feature, as the last resource so to speak… to keep a user more engaged.


We initially thought about exit popups and actually tested it on few of our early adopter’s websites.

The test proved us that conversations that come with a delay are not enough to keep the user stop closing the window. Usual modal or popups work best here.

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ahaa… ok… appreciate the info. very interesting!

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I understand, but there are many variables.

If the product is a tool, knowledge, service, ecommerce

If it is a specific industry

I believe you ought to please Greeks and Trojans.

And leave an option to activate if the person wants

So the client himself tests whether it works best for him or not

I would love to test. Please add this option.

Thank you

You are right. Results of experiments may vary according to industry and type of audience.

Actually, we tested this approach in a wide range of industries and the results were poor.

Also, We ourselves hate exit popups that bounce on the screen while you try to leave the website.

Hi Aslam - I have a slight modification to these questions.

From what I can make out, the timer option is to auto pop up. it would be great if we could have a timer for the appearance of the widget itself (without auto popping up). If a widget appears after a few seconds delay it can be quite eye catching (especially if it beeps too like Intercom). if it appears instantly on page load it can blend in to the background.

In terms of not auto popping up again if the user has already used the bot. It would be great if not only did it not pop up, but also if it didn’t show the text bit of the widget. Once it’s been run or the X button pressed it should really just show the avatar, The text is usually a prompt to open the widget, which is pointless and distracting if the bots already run.


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Hi Ian,

Your inputs are highly appreciated. We are in the middle of discussing targeting features. So your thoughts have come at the right time.

We will definitely take them into consideration as we enrich our current system.


Not sure if this has already been mentioned, but it would be nice to target users to show the widget based on factors like whether they came from search or facebook, twitter etc. Also a good one would be to be able to target returning visitors.


  • Ian


URL Parameter based targeting and different conversations for returning users are already in our roadmap.

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I would really like to to see the IP addresses collected in the Responses Spreadsheet, since they come through on the email this would just be adding the data to the spreadsheet.

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It would be nice to be able to tag a user for segmentation.

Also, to be able to take a person from 1 bot to another. In other words, you have 3 bots. Someone starts on bot 1 and selects an option, say menu, and they are sent to bot 2 to go through that flow. Or, someone on bot 1 selects location, and they would go through the flow in bot 3. I know earlier, you mentioned sending people to different URL’s when options are selected, but sometimes you might not want to have them leave the bot right away.

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