Feature Requests Thread

Hi there

EDITED JAN 30, 2023

Collect.chat has successfully completed 5 years since our launch in Product hunt. This has been long thread of feature requests. We have implemented many of your requests to solve your pain points, while keeping the chatbot builder easy to use.

The platform has matured in these past years and has most features you are looking for. Even so, with changing times comes new problems and challenges.

If you are facing challenges while building the chatbot, or require features that will add value to all users, please jot down your thoughts with us.

We will try our best to solve them for you.


I would love to see the ability to use variables in a chat. That is, ask say for their name and then say Hey there [name], etc.

That will allow a more human sounding experience.




Hi @miles ,

Using variables on subsequent questions will definitely improve UX of the bot. We have this feature on our roadmap. Stay Tuned :slight_smile:


Following are my painpoints and suggestions during configuration:

  1. font color disappears while reediting the statement. This should be fixed
  2. There should be option of duplicating the question
  3. while editing new statement, it comes at end, then I need to drag to appropriate place in middle. So, there should be option of directly placing the question where I want, instead of dragging from end
  4. some payment gateway integration option should be there to collect payment during chat internationally
  5. option for api integration would be helpful to process the data in the backend.

Hi @guptaishan1330,

Thanks for the feedback, we will fix the bugs and consider the feature requests into our product roadmap.

About API integration. We already have an option to add Rest API to process /take data to your backend. Write us at care@collect.chat if you face difficulty with this.

In api, I am actually talking about processing the data and then displaying the result in chat itself. Is this possible at present?

This is not possible for now. We only support taking data out to your backend. We will be adding a feature to display the result based on the API call. Stay tuned.

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We do have an affiliate program Maarten. I have mailed you the details.

Hi Aslam,

Great Job. Better to use than the other botmakers I tried.

One hard question: Is there any way a human could join that chat?

Oh, and, may I suggest that you would allow logical jumps in the free version? It would help people to get used to it and collect more feedback.

I love it and would like to work more with it. I just feel that I will not be able to test its usefulness for me and my business in the relative small bracket of 30 responses and without additional functions such as logical jumps.

Anyway, seem like a great service you are building here!


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Thanks for the feedback @michel

At present we have a “No Questions Asked 30-day Refund Policy”. So if you don’t like the chatbot or you are not finding it useful, we will return the 100% of the amount within 30-days.

We are thinking of giving away trials. Still thinking on it.

We are not offering live chat. I understand why you want the feature. There is one big advantage that our chatbot has over livechat. (I am not taking about zero human intervention or the fact that it is completely automated).


Everyday on our website, we receive a ton of responses. They ask for support and give us feedback and there is also a lot of spam and junk. Something that every website will have. Imagine, having to spending time to talk to such people over live chat. Huge waste of time.

To all those who need immediate support, we give quick replies via our helpdesk. I hope you get the workflow. So there is definitely human intervention, but after the response has been filtered out.

Live chat is an awesome functionality. Something that we believe should be reserved for paid customers. For greeting visitors, saying hello and getting their feedback, bots can gracefully do that job.


2 features I’d love to see are…

  1. IP address and country of all form submissions.

  2. If collect.chat is an AI-powered form, then it should have a version which can be embedded in place of standard forms. So, if someone clicked on “Contact Us”, instead of them seeing a form, they see a collect.chat form. AI could then walk them through their situation and capture important details before submission. I have a business that would LOVE to use this.

Also, +1 for being able to drag the field straight into the right place within the flow NOT from the bottom



Something else which would be useful is being able to route forms (both email notifications and API calls) based on information provided.

As a simple example, if the bot asks them, “Are you an existing customer?” and they say “Yes”, then send the notification to the support team, otherwise to the sales team. Once that’s in place, you can do the same thing with API calls because the info being collected for existing customers will be very different to info being collected for new customers. Non-customers, for example, should be piped to the CRM as a new lead, whilst existing customer submission should be piped to customer records.


Embeddable is coming soon. Stay tuned!


• Bots communicating with each other. It would be nice to jump from one bot to another.
• A way to organize the bots in groups

Thanks for the feedback @Mngb

  1. Can you please elaborate on how bots should be communicating with each other? We were unable to get a clear idea.

  2. About grouping, are you planning to develop bots for other clients and then put them in different groups?

Instead of creating a bot for a specific page …I would build bots based on a subject/category.

Bot 1 is an expert on product A
Bot 2 is an expert on product B
Bot 3 is an expert on accessories

  1. So I could then build a homepage bot that would have options to learn more about product A, B or accessories and each would link to their appropriate bot. On the product B webpage, I would have bot 2 that could link to Bot 3 that help with accessories VS right now, I would just hyperlink to my accessories webpage and on the accessories webpage, if the user choose “Chat Now”, then the user would get more help on accessories.

Could I build the questions about accessories into Bot 2 right now? Yes I could. It would be just a very long long list in my scripts tab. Maybe perhaps changing the user interface of the scripts tab so this could be easily achieved?

  1. Just a way to recognize and organize the bots … right now, I am having to look at the URLs to distinguish what bot is what and where it goes. Have a title field? For example - all the bots related to product A would be grouped together.


OK. Thanks for the detailed explanation.

Now I understand the scenario. It can be solved in the following way.

  1. Goto your dashboard and make 3 bots say BotX, BotA and BotB
  2. BotX is your landing page bot. Paste its snippet code inside your landing page. If they say, they are interested in product B, show them the URL to the product B page. (Using the Links statement in the Script section)
  3. BotB is your expert bot on product B. Paste the snippet code of this bot on the page of product B.
  4. So when your visitor reaches this page, they will be greeted by BotB.
  5. Do the same by placing BotA on the product page of A.

Just a note: Paste the snippet codes of the Bots, before the closing body tag (</body>) of the respective page. If you paste the snippet in header or footer, the bots will appear on all pages.

And about the bot naming, it will be un-rolled in one week.

Hi @aslam,

You misunderstood me. The scenario you describe is what I am currently doing and that breaks the chatbot experience. I would like for the user to NOT have to go to another landing page and have to click “Chat Now” AGAIN in order to get further help on product B.

If I had Bot X on the homepage, and it can communicate to Bot B…then the user can get all the answers they want without having to leave the homepage. The bot would be able to answer their questions without having the user jump around.

Thanks for adding the title field!


First of all, I’m loving this so much, so many ideas going through my head!!

So, here is my request: I would love to make a bot for my blog so it would be nice to suggest the last post from X RSS feed. Do you think this is doable or if it’s even worth it?



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Another requests or suggestions:

  1. Duplication of questions: given the value en logical jumps, you might want to ask the same questions but with totally different workflows.

Here is an example:

In my blog I have reviews, tutorials and news, so I would like to offer different suggestions for each one, but on those have sub-categories too (SEM, SEO, Bots, etc.), so I will have to ask the same questions in each case but change the logical jumps.

  1. Grouping questions, or sub-categories: Currently, is very hard to keep track of questions and logical jumps that are or aren’t related, so it would be nice to group them or differentiate them by colours.

Another example:

It would be great to differentiate the workflow or logical jumps that I set up for people asking for reviews, or articles or that want to contact me, because right now everything looks the same and I have to go into each field to see where is it jumping to.

Another way is to change the UI to look more like email marketing workflows (similar to how drip.co does it), but I guess that’s not the path that you guys want to take, or that it would be a really big change to make.

Looking forward to your thoughts on this.