Feature Requests Thread

Our chatbot doesn’t integrate with your database. Using the Links input type in Script section, you can provide a static link. If you can setup the static link to always redirect to your latest blog article, then you will get what you are looking for.

This makes sense Jose. Let’s think about this.

We are aware of this. We are planning a small change in the UI, that will help you differentiate the logical jumps. Stay tuned.

Thanks Jose, for these feedbacks. Keep them coming!

In the Wordpress plugin, can we have a way to select specific categories where the chat is shown? This will allow me to show different chatbot and different offer for different categories. For example, I can show chatA for category A posts and ChatB for category B posts.

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At the moment this is not possible. If you go the native way of adding the chatbot without plugin, you can do this. Just by adding the snippet code to the respective pages will do the trick.

Related help doc - https://help.collect.chat/article/show/62579-can-i-use-multiple-chatbots-on-my-websites

Also, we are planning a multiple conversations feature, that allows you to achieve the same effect in the same bot. Stay tuned.

Great progress this year!

Feature request: available to link to calendar and show available time slots (something simple, like 30 mins or 60 mins). I believe some of the best chatbot usecases involve replacing the tedious multi page time booking form with a friendly bot who can also answer some of the top F.A.Q. questions in the process

Technically / User side friendliest would be the ability to get the free / reserved slots from a outlook.com / gmail.com ical url calendar link, what do you guys think?



It would be great to have variables, something like {{name}} at least. That way we can have a friendlier approach to someone that already gave us their data.


We are actually thinking of making it as simple as tagging a profile on facebook or twitter. That is when you type @ you will be given suggestions to complete it.

Let me know your thoughts on this @jose

That seems cool!, are there any plans to be able to create chatbots in facebook or whatsapp?

No Jose. This is not something we are focusing at the moment. We believe that Website Chatbots still have a long way to go :slight_smile:

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After building the couple first bots, some minor improvement tweaks below:

  1. The typing animation + delay should vary according to the inputted characters. Currently anything over a 7 words comes too fast in the live dialogue
  2. Give warning message if user accidentally enters a circular loop in the logical jump (going from question ID 7 to question ID 7)
  3. Ability to reuse user’s answer. For example asking for a name and then replying Hello there [UserInputID93]
  4. Number input should have a international phone number input option to guide the user to enter it in the correct format (there are multiple libraries for this online)
  5. The link open in new tab is good, is there a possibility to add a (option for a) custom ending to the URL i.e. ?=chat

Really like the user input tag feature for making the bot more interactive. Great tweak for it would be:

  • Option to disable the the pre-defined answers list based on keywords. Would prefer it to just give automatically based on the answer

  • Creating a default answer for bot to use when the question goes out of bot’s scope.

  • Bigger feature would be a setting to collect all the not tag matching questions and creating a corresponding answer for them for the next user. i.e. “What are your opening times?” --> Save answer for opening times and it is automatically added to the logical jump (show this if match otherwise go to default answer)

Instructions wise would be really nice if you included some more practical webhook/zapier examples to use for premium users, thank you! Categories: Basic (for first time users) - Intermediate (Cool stuff) - Advanced (speaks for itself)


I really like these inputs.

Point 3 - is something we are working on at the moment. It should be ready pretty soon.

Point 5 - Why not just change the Hyperlink in the Script section?

Tutorials are on the way! Just like you said.

Glad to hear point 3 is under progress and valid point regarding #5 will update my bot manually

If #1 is challenging, a temporary solution could be to add a new chat element called “delay” where user enters number of seconds before the next input from the bot and during this the “person writing” would appear to the end user

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Addition of “Back” at the “jump to” of the statement type script.

It specially applies on further product information.

For example, the customers may want to look on the price of specific product. When they want to know more about the availability, they will choose it at the single choice question. Statement with “Back” allow the flow to the same statement if certain portion of the products share the same availability but not the other products.

In this way, we don’t have to set the availability one by one (i.e. the statement of "availability"set up once only) and save a lot of script space (if too much script would cause a burden or even reach the maximum)

I think your use-case is as follows:

Do you want to details about (Single Choice question)

  • Product A
  • Product B

When the user clicks Product A - you give a statement about its details. Here you want the back button to the previous question.

We recommend the following strategy to have the back button.

Do you want to details about (Single Choice question)

  • Product A
  • Product B

if user selects Product A

Product A details (Single choice type and not a Statement)

  • Back (as an option, that jumps to the previous question)

In case you have multiple details to display, then you can use

if user selects Product A

Product A details - part 1 (Statement)
Product A details - part 2 (Statement)
Product A details - last part (Single choice type)

  • Back (as an option, that jumps to the previous question)

Hope this helps,

Thanks for your suggestion.

(Single Choice question)

  • Product A
  • Product B

(Single Choice question)
Product A details - part 1 (Statement)
Product A details - part 2 (Statement)
Product A details - last part (Single choice type)

(Single Choice question)
Product B details - part 1 (Statement)
Product B details - part 2 (Statement)
Product B details - last part (Single choice type)

If part 1 is the same among product A and product B while part 2 are different, “back” action could allow us to write part 1 statement once only. When it comes to tens or even hundreds of the products It save a lot of time from duplicating the same statement just to match different product and could save a lot of time and memory capacity with less trouble caused.

It is quite unlike to the “back” option at the bottom of single choice question. It is a complusory move and it aims to let the customer to know more the detail of the product they choose and it will increase the chance of purchase.

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Your interview template is great but it suggests that there is only one job that exists for a person and thats never the case.

Is this scenario currently possible?

Visitor goes to your career site and is greeted by “hirebot”. This bot asks them what types of jobs they are looking and gives them a few categories:

  1. engineering
  2. design
  3. marketing
  4. g&a
  5. other
  6. search all

The bot is then able to pull a list of CURRENT and REAL-TIME jobs that are relevant and available.

The bot can key-word search as well through different jobs.

I believe you were referring to https://collect.chat/templates/b/job-application

This is a chatbot for prescreening a candidate to a particular job.

The use-case you asked is not exactly possible because our chatbot doesn’t interact with any database to retrieve results.

You can give them a hyperlink inside the chatbot to the jobs available in each category you mentioned, provided such a listing is possible with the URL to the category.

hmmm. What if the data from the ATS could be pulled down to a Google Sheet, could a zapier integration pull from a spreadsheet?

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Sorry Aidin, that is not possible at the moment.

That would be great! Thanks.