Feature Requests Thread

Ok. We will do that shortly!


Hi Rob,

The multiple bot scenario, where you need to have a different conversation depending on the user choice is already possible using Logical Jump.


Have you tried that already?

I only have a few hours using your product but one feature that I think would be nice is the ability to duplicate items that you create in your script.

For example, I’m using a selection with 5 options for the user to select. Each option is a question, and when selected logically jumps to the answer. After the answer shows, I present the user a selection saying “What next” and give them one option to ask more questions, which then logically jumps back to the initial list of 5 questions for them to choose another question.

As you can see, currently I must re-create the “What next” selection 5 times after I answer each question. It is an identical element and would be nice to be able to duplicate it.


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Actually, in this case, you can do things with just one 'What next" question.

The trick is to point the answer (the last statement that is shown when an option is selected) of all your 5 options to this single “What Next” question. The “What next” question can then point to the original question with 5 options.

If you have already created and deployed the bot as you have described then let it be. :slight_smile:

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This makes sense… not sure what I was thinking! Thank you!

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It will be great “sequential step”. (sorry my bad english, I’m not native…)

Suppose you have a shop, and you want to “guide” your clients in every buying process step.
Now, you can’t, because all the page start like https://www.yourdomain.com/shop/URL

Will be great, if you can say:

  • start from here if you are at PRODUCT PAGE
  • start from here if you are at CART PAGE
  • start from here if you are at CHECKOUT PAGE
    and so on…

Thats’ is, you put the “pattern URL”, and BOT know where you are in the buying process, and start from relative point.

Nice, don’t you?

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Hey there,

Yes this is something we will be working on for sure. :slight_smile:

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Thanks. To add this feature to my Wordpress site, I had to do multiple BOTs, and add PHP fuction, so every BOT start only if page URL is = to… :wink:
I was able to do it, but will be nice if bot will manage that directly.


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I would prefer more variety in editing the bots layout in color and shape.

  • background color of the pop-up
  • the background color of the bubble
  • font color apart from the outline of the bubbles (what sense does it make to have the option for a light grey bubble outline, but then you can’t read the text, since the font stands in light grey on white ground?)
  • the shadow behind the bot pop-up


  • choosing if I want to have an outline around the bubbles or not.
  • if I want a shadow behind the bot
  • if I want a soft/ round text-bubble or one with sharp edges etc.
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Hi there,

You can change the color of speech bubbles as shown here - https://help.collect.chat/article/show/69316-how-to-design-your-chatbot

The background color and shadows of the chatbot cannot be changed.



We know calendar and slot booking interface is critical for many users including you. Sorry that we could not built it until now as we had other immediate priorities to meet. However, this is one of the top things in our roadmap now. We will try our level best to release the feature by this year. Thanks for the patience.

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is this working now?

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We have a few roadblocks. But its a work under progress :sunglasses:

Hello everyone,

Newly subscribed customer here. I’m very pleased with the service so far, I was wondering though if you’d consider making a flow-chart style interface to make it easier to create bots with a lot of logic jumps.

It would be very useful for bots that are used as Customer Support or FAQ’s.

Keep up the good work.


Hi Connect Chat!

I’m looking at creating a ‘choose your own adventure’ bot that has around 150 modules. I really like your public facing interface but i find the linear way a bot is created in the Admin makes it difficult to create a bot that has many different conversation options. Have you considered a more Motion.ai approach when creating bots? It has more of a white board/post it note feel where i can visually see where my bot responses go to.
Thanks for all you do!

Hi Moldo, Christain,

Flowchart based bot editor is on our product roadmap, but not on top of the list.

Most of our users are non-technical people who use the bot to collect data, and we found that the linear approach to be a simple and straightforward solution. We do not want to overcomplicate things and wish to continue serving the primary purpose of ‘Collecting data’ at the moment. In the future, we may introduce the flowchart-based editor to cover more use cases.


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Feature requests:

  1. country-selectable enable/disable of bots.
  2. time-scheduled enable/disable of bots (e.g., disable in the evening).
  3. Integrate bots with WordPress custom post types.
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I would like to request (perhaps beg or plead is the better way to express my desire) the ability to pull data into the chatbot from a database. A Zapier integration?

Our chatbots are primarily for collecting data using predefined questions. It is not designed to be an interactive two-way communication bot like many other chatbot platforms in the market.

We do not have plans to make it two-way bot by pulling dynamic data inside the chatbot response.

I understand this is a valid use case and make sense to few users. But our focus is on the primary use case, i.e. lead generation.

That is unfortunate; I have seen a few other users mention the same desire to be able to pass data back and forth between their Collect Chat bot and a database or spreadsheet.

You have a truly great product offering, with a key differentiator of ease of use in conjunction with the ability to be HIPAA-compliant. I believe being able to push/pull data would continue this, while also allowing for much more complex, engaging, and valuable conversations with users.

Though I am very disappointed, I respect your desire to remain focused on your primary use-case. But perhaps adding the ability to pull data could justify you implementing an additional pay tier? I not only would stay with Collect Chat but would also pay extra for this ability.