Welcome message self opens on mobile


Hello there,

Following this topic ChatBot doesn't self open on mobile I have a suggestion.

I understand that the ChatBot will not open on mobile for UX reasons, however you could add a feature to catch the user’s eye.

How about making the welcome message self openning ?

When user arrives on the page on mobile, he would see this :

Then after % of scroll, or a number of seconds, the welcome message would appear to catch the viewers’ attention :

What do you say :grinning::star_struck::hugs: ?

ChatBot doesn't self open on mobile

Thank you for posting the feature request.

I am reposting my reply to clear up the confusion happened in my last post. We do have welcome message in the mobile and auto opening welcome message is a not a bad idea. Our team will evaluate the idea and then add it to the product roadmap. We will be updating you about it.