User submit enquiry But i received not in Time


my enquiry related my bot submit enquiry . If someOne submit enquiry form on today but i don’t received enquiry on Time. It takes some time 1 day sometime 3 day. It’s not good for your service. what i do…anyone help me


Hi there,

Can you please write to [email protected] with your account details please?

Email notifications in are sent instantly upon completion.



my email id is [email protected]


I have sent you a test notification. Can you confirm if you received it?

Please note that notifications are only sent for completed responses.



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[email protected]

you submit this enquiry…i got it but… other enquiry i didn’t found on time


We did a detail check and your bot & notifications seems to be in order. If you find this happening again, please report it immediately to [email protected]



Might this be related to an incomplete response where not all the bot questions are answered? If so then this update is a solution: Emailing incomplete responses?

Of course, I could be completely wrong!