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Hi, is it possible to initiate a live chat based on some options?

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We don’t offer Live chat functionality. is designed for creating automated conversations with your visitors. Such interactions run on autopilot and saves you valuable time. You can follow-up your conversation via email or phone after they have been qualified.

But, we do acknowledge that some users may require Live chat. We recommend the following 2 methods if you really need Live chat:

  1. You can use a free Live chat plugin like and use their Direct Chat Link ( And then copy this Direct Chat link and leave it on your Chatbot at the end of the conversation using the Links message type ( This way, the bot can still can collect data from every visitor. And those interested in a direct interaction may opt for the Live chat at the very end.

  2. You can also leverage your social channels, like Facebook, Telegram, Slack for the live chat and leave the links of them in the bot in the manner described earlier.

Let me know your thoughts!

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An updated method to provide Live chat support through external tools is documented here -


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This is so cool! :heart_eyes:


It is so cool.

From :- LogisticMart

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