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The world today is driven by communication. The one place where conversation matters most is on your website. is on a mission is to make interactions on websites more awesome.

Now you can engage visitors on your site with interactive conversations. And the best part! It’s completely automated!

This community is aimed at anyone passionate about chatbots and their possibilities they offer. There is a lot to discuss and lots to solve. And the only way forward is to collaborate and learn from each other.

Let’s start with you! Brag a bit about yourself and tell us how bots are solving the problem for you.



Hi Aslam,

Great Job here. I do not have much to brag. I live in Japan and I am trying to build a biz I believe in. It is very ‘low tech’ but I enjoy making things fun and easy. I found you on product hunt and I totally believe that forms suck.

I am a very extroverted person and to me, an opening chat window that starts interacting (or offering interaction) is just a very great way to make people feel welcomed. I tried other bots, but found years highly intuitive.

Keep up the good work,



Hi all, I worked for the UK Government day job and run a few companies outside. I have 20 years experience in Software development.

Just created and installed my first chat bot, I already use Tars - this is far easier to create a conversation bot and it looks more stylish both in terms of initial contact and the chat itself.

Great work !




Hi Aslam, Great work !
We have nedeed some customizations and the support of Aslam was fast and great!



Jason Wade here in Orlando, FL.

I’m a Realtor and just built:

Let me know your thoughts/suggestions.



I tested your bot. You have done a nice job :+1:

A small feedback for this question -

What is the price range of your current home or budget for a new home/rent?

If you are asking for price range, use the Range question rather than the Number question. That will be more clear to your customer.

Cheers! and Welcome to the Community.


will update. thx!



Hi all,

First of all, great job. I realy love your system.
I’m a online marketeer from the Netherlands, Amsterdam region.
I will use the system for my clients for websites as well as Facebook.

If there is someone that has good succes with Facebook Iove to hear the story and see it in action.

Keep up the good work,



Hello, I am Sebastián and I want to reduce support ticket from my IT Team using



Hi Aslam,

It is the first chat bot we are using and it has worked wonders. We have install these bot on 10-12 website we developed so far.


Hello I’m Jason & I’m looking for an alternative to Manychat & Chatfuel to build more seamless website-based bots. This is a great looking platform & I’m looking forward to continuing to explore all the great features. I noticed a discussion about bot to human handover and am hoping that’s still in the works… :thinking:


Welcome Jason,

Continue exploring and share your findings with the community :slight_smile:

About the human handover, please see this -



Hi from Australia,
We are really enjoyong your bot design and eas of deployment.
The more conversational you think the more opportunities start to expand in your mindset.
One feature I would like but not sure how to deliver is a polling feature where users can set priority on a mutiselect list. Ie red (3), blue(2), green(4), yellow(1), orange(5), other (add text - could be done with separate question).
Keep doing what youre doing well.


Hi Courtney,

Thanks for joining us :smile:

Regarding the feature request, can you please post it here - Feature Request Thread

Also, your request was not very clear. If you can elaborate a bit more, it would be helpful.



Hi Everyone,
Ajay here from XL n CAD.
Recently I created a website ( for MS Excel and AutoCAD Tutorials. I started using chatbot as part of building my email list and results are amazing.
love to do more experiments with chatbot.
Thanks & Regards