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Hi my name Is Lindy Vaughan and I am New here Im a lil confused about how to use the chatbot. I just opened up a print on demand store and I am wanting to use the chatbot to drive traffic to me store. How do I go about doing this with the cha bot I created is there any tutorials or info on this site I can read or videos I can watch to find out this information? Thanks in advance and I am glad to be apart of this community.

Lindy Vaughan
Catalyst Industries


Hi everyone, I am Daniel and I am a new programmer.



This looks lie a good product. Iā€™m just wondering about a specific interactivity. I want to use the bot to do estimates. The flow asks how many areas do you have? and the response will trigger creation of X identical sets of questions dependent on this answer. Can this software do that?



Hi @durkis145

Just saw your post here. You can do this using our Logical Jump feature.

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