WordPress page specific code snippet did not override the main chatbot properly


Based on the note in this documentaton: https://help.collect.chat/article/show/76319-in-wordpress-how-can-i-add-a-different-chatbot-for-a-different-page

It says if I had a main chatbot setup at the plugin page, and another code snippet setup on specific page, the code snippet from specific page are supposed to override the main chatbot, however it turns out the chatbot are instead stacked.

It load the chatbot snippet together, not override.

I believe this can be easily fixed, hopefully dev can update the plugin, because I have website with lots of page where I want a generic bot for most pages, but specific one for a few other pages.




I agree overriding the main chatbot on subpages is not very reliable. We will look into it.

What I can suggest as an immediate workaround is turning the main chatbot to ‘Homepage only’ and then add bots to subpages and posts.


Thank you very much for getting back to me on this Shyjal. As for now, the second chatbot is only used for an internal staff page. However, I do have plans for creating different bots for different pages and sections.
Other than the chatbot not grabbing the assigned avatar, it does seem to be working.


We have updated our chatbot for solving the multiple chatbots in the same page issue causing the avatar going white. Can you please check if it is working for you?