Wordpress intergation with custom data



I’m using the chatbot on a wordpress site, I would like to customize the bot message with data coming from wordpress, like firstname to display Hello John instead of Hello when the customer is connected to wordpress.

Is it possible to do it?

Thank you by advance


Yes, it is possible. How do you get the name of the customer?

If you have the data in javascript, you can do a one-line code to add it to a chatbot message.

https://developers.collect.chat/#/actions?id=collectchatsetkey-value here is the documentation for doing that.

Let me know your thoughts.


Thank you for your reply!
I found this solution to send customer data into email notification. But I don’t understand how to display in this case e-mail into chatbot message
"This data can be used in conversation using @ tags ". I’m trying to display email address on conversation with @email directly on script, but it doesn’t work

Can you explain to me how to display into the conversation email address?



Is the email collected inside the chatbot via a question?

You may also refer https://collectchat.help.center/article/1047-address-users-by-name-using-variables to see how you can use names to address users inside conversation.