Why is the chatbot not showing on mobile?

So our website has a chatbot for kids (both on desktop/ipad/mobile) and a chatbot for other sections (a mobile & desktop/ipad one). Everything works except the mobile one. Why is no chatbot showing on here?

Hi Jaap,

I replied to your email on the same request :slight_smile:

Kind regards
Sibel from Collect.chat


I am looking for the answer to this questions as well. I have setup my bot everything works but it does not load on any mobile device even if we launch the desktop version

Hi Jeff,

Could you please email the details of the issue you are having at care@collect.chat and share the Bot ID as well?

Kind regards,
Sibel from Collect.chat

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So after some time my chat bot did show up on mobile. So I will not be sending an email unless into some issues. Thanks for the quick response!