Why Are My Messages Regarding GDPR Ignored?

I wanted to switch off the feature to save responses on your server because I need the bot to be GDPR compliant.

Unfortunately, you make it very difficult to do so because before I can switch off “save responses on collect chat servers” I need to write an email to you because you have to disable it manually.

I wrote email after email to stop saving responses on your servers but I get no response. My emails are ignored and I am very disappointed, Why you make it so difficult? Please DISABLE “save responses on collect chat servers”. Please answer me.

Hi Dominic,

We really apologise for the delay in communicating about this to you. We have currently turned off “Save response on Collect.chat” for all your bots.

Please check it from your side. It seems there was a communication error on our side regarding your request and we take full responsibility for it. I can understand when the mails go unanswered.

Rest assured, your request has been completed. If there is anything else, I can help you with, please let me know.

Aslam from Collect.chat

Problem solved. Thanks!


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