Where's the Build tab?


Newbie needs help, please. When I created a (paid) account, there was nav on the left that
I believe was called Builder. I didn’t do anything of which I’m aware other than click around to see what’s what. I logged out & later back in, and the Builder is gone. I’m in a Workspace with no way to get out of it or back to Builder. The only options are to create a new workspace, Help, What’s New & Account. Is someone able to get me pointed in the right direction?

What I need is the snippet code to activate the WordPress plugin.



Hey there,

Happy to help.

You will see all your bots listed in your workspace. You can click on the Edit icon of any bot to enter into the builder of that bot.


If you are still confused or stuck, please let me know.

BTW here are the steps to add the bot to WordPress - https://help.collect.chat/article/show/56885-add-to-wordpress

Thanks and Regards,