What's the best approach for a lead generation bot?

Hi there!

I love your bot system. It just seems it’s the next big thing for lead generation.
What’s your experience with lead generation bots on pages with a signup form?

I mean… do you want to have both?
A classic signup form plus the bot-chat?

Having or serving both options to a user could potentially be confusing and maybe ending up in a lower conversation rate?

So to speak. What’s your experience with that?
What are your thoughts and recommendation when using a lead generation chat-bot?

Do you have any data that would reflect conversion rates compared to sign-up forms?

I believe, the chat-bots might be much higher.

Just curious about all your thoughts, opinions, tactics and experience to use chat-bots vs. regular sign up forms.

yeehhaaa… can’t wait to start testing… keep rocking!
cheers! :smiley:

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Good question Bernhard.

Our chatbots have been mostly used for Lead Collection on landing pages and on blogs. People have started ditching contact forms and subscribe pop-ups with our chatbots.

These chatbots can also be embedded if you didn’t know.

We don’t recommend using both a static form and the chatbot at the same time because as you mentioned it can definitely be confusing to your audience.

Our Lead Generation template is also one the most used template. The conversion rates are really high for our customers. For some, the increase is a 100%, for others its 30%. We will be covering some customer case studies, shortly.

In short, a few best practices include:

  1. Make the bot more interactive and fun by giving the user options to choose from (Single Choice, Multiple Choice, Range question, Suggestion question).
  2. The user should be able to click more and type less. Bots that ask a lot of text-based questions tend to underperform.
  3. Make the conversations polite and simple to understand.
  4. Make the sentences short. Longer sentences work in a brochure, not in a chatbot. Imagine, if you are chatting with someone via facebook messenger, shorter small sentences to convey the idea is what people love.
  5. Use emojis and graphics (GIF). This adds color and gives it a more personal touch.