What triggers the sending of the Webhook?



I have set a webhook on a ChatBot with a webservice provided by a customer. This webservice works already on my good old forms, but somehow I can’t get it working on my ChatBot.

So what exactly triggers the sending of the webhook with CollectChat ?

What I mean is : with traditional forms we have a “send” button, and when the users clicks “send” then the datas are sent to the recipeint via the webservice.

I think I have set my webhook properly, but I just miss the sending feature.



Hey there,

Great question!

The webhook get’s triggered when the conversation is completed. In our chatbots the conversations are predesigned. Hence there is always a start and an end.

Whenever the conversation ends, the webhook gets triggered.

There is an option to trigger webhook, for a partial conversation (if user decides to leave midway). For this, you have to turn on “Send all responses” from Settings > Notification.

If you need more clarity, please let me know.

Aslam from Collect.chat


Thanks Aslam,

So if I understand well, the datas will be sent when a field marked as “end of conversation” is reached. In that case, all datas entered before this field will be sent via the webhook ?


You are correct!

To add, the last message in the conversation automatically has “End of Conversation” attached to it.


Thanks Aslam, that makes sense :slight_smile: