Welcome message 'x' on desktop


On mobile I get a little X to close the launcher welcome message without interacting with the chatbot, can we have this on desktop too? So the user can make the welcome message go away if he wants.

Hi there,

The behaviour of welcome message in desktop is such that, it goes away after the customer has an interaction with the bot.

It will not be displayed in that session of the chat. A new reload, however, will bring up the message again.

You can configure the bot to remove the welcome message after the user has pressed the close button on the chatbot modal box. It is explained here - https://help.collect.chat/article/show/85463-hide-launcher-text-after-widget-close

I hope this helps.

Aslam from Collect.chat

Hi Aslam,

I just want to have β€˜x’ button on desktop same like on mobile devices

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I am sorry to say that we don’t have such an option on desktop. The β€˜x’ will only be available on mobile devices.

Aslam from Collect.chat