Webhook PHP Example

Hi is there a webhook example that I can use for PHP/Wordpress?

Planning to store this to our database and even integrate some info to our accounting platform, but I just can’t get past to receiving the payload.

Thank you,

Hi Hux,

You can create a simple php function to accept data via POST call. Please find reference here - https://www.leaseweb.com/labs/2015/10/creating-a-simple-rest-api-in-php/

This should guide you.

Under the Dashboard>Settings>Integration, please ensure that the request is of POST type.


I too am trying to use bot for admin to retrieve data from database, such as search by trans id, brand, availability and getting results with the specific details i need.

As of now, you can programatically do this to a certain extent using our JavaScript API - collectchat.message.

See it explained here - https://help.collect.chat/article/show/85983-add-custom-messages-to-the-conversation

Of course, this would need the help of a developer to do this.

Please also keep in mind that, we do not recommend our chatbots for this use-case, where you need to connect with a database to have a conversation.