Utm parameters failing to update



The UTM parameters are not working properly.
I have a bot which should read from the address bar, the URL parameters.
I am using the utm_source (in place of name) to display the variable.
The bot is remembering (somehow) the utm_source from a different page and displaying on current page.
For example, if I open www.wheel.men , the bot displays the variable name properly, but if I open any other site, for example www.caravanparksindia.com , it is still showing wheel.men .
If I removing the browsing history, cookies and open in private window, it is kinda working, but not always.

How do I make the bot to force to read the utm parameters everytime?


Hi there,

I just tested the other link in Incognito and found the variable to be updated properly.

When you are testing the links in the same browser, this issue appears due to cache. Whichever website you visit first, that link is taken.

Your actual users shouldn’t be facing this issue. I will ask the team to have a look, to see if we can solve this issue.

Thanks and Regards,
Aslam from Collect.chat


The caching issue when you load same website with different url parameter is solved.
Please try it and let us know if it is working for you.



Hi Shyjal and Aslam,

I have tested this today. This is working great and a great tool for my requirements.

You guys are awesome. Keep shining.