Using different chat bots for different pages

Hey there,
how can I have a general chatbot for the website (place it in the header) and a different chatbot for specific pages (place it in the body) without getting an error or having two bots places on some pages at the same time?

Thanks a lot in advance

Hi Henrik,

Two chatbots on the same page at the same time is not possible. :x: (If both are in widget form)

Different chatbots on different pages is possible. :white_check_mark: (All you have to do is paste the appropriate snippet code in the respective pages)

Calling a new chatbot on the same page is possible. :white_check_mark: (This can be done using method to call the other bot on the click of a button)

You can also load one chatbot as widget and another chatbot in emebed form on the same page :white_check_mark:.

Does your use-case fall in one of the above?

Hi there,

How about placing different Chatbot on different webpages? which I have customized a few chatbots to be used on each relevant web pages across my company’s product line. I am using WIX platform.

I have tried GTM, using it to trigger my Chatbots on different webpages. However, when the visitors click on my site menus, my initial chatbot which is on the homepage remains there and it will only switch to the respective chatbot through a manual refresh, by pressing the F5 button.

The common way is pasting the appropriate snippet code in the respective pages, however, through this method, it turns out to be a widget which is unable to move along with the webpage, which I prefer it to stick to webpages as it moves along when the visitors scroll up and down.

Is there any better way to do this?

The use GTM is the best approach in almost all cases.

We will need more information to find a solution to your problem. Kindly mail to detailing the issue with the website URLs.