Trying to add custom booking tool link in the book appointment function


Hello everyone. I ve been trying for the last hour to find a way to add a custom link to ‘appointment’ button type so that clients are redirected to my booking tool when wanting to book an appointment through my chat. How can I do that and why dont I at least get the chance to send an appointment link with A google meet link? this is all so idiotic.

thank you


Hi Vanessa,

I understand your frustration here. We have received similar reports from other users with the Google Calendar integration.

  1. If you are Gsuite user, make sure that the setting for automatically adding Google meet links to Google calendar events is turned on. This is mentioned here -

  2. Even with this setting on, there are reports of Google meet link not getting generated automatically. You can find other general users talking on the same issue here -

So, I would request you to try step 1 and see if it works. Our team has tried to see if this can be solved. We haven’t found a solution yet.

Also, we are working on a Zoom integration to generate a room meeting for appointments. That is in the works.

If you have any more questions, please let me know.

Thanks and regards,