Tried adding another chatbot by embedding in wordpress, but it doesnt work



i have 3 languages on our wordpress site. i created a chatbot in english (spanish being the main one) and embedded it into the wordpress plugin on the page, but for some reason it doesn’t override the main chatbot and it doesn’t show up.

I want the chatbot to appear on the bottom as soon as the user gets on the page.

how can i solve this?


Hey there,

Thanks for trying

Can you share the URL to your website and tell us how you added the code snippets of both the bots?

Screenshots/screen recording will be helpful for us to understand things better.

If you wish to keep this conversation private, you can send the details to our customer team - [email protected] and we will try to assist you.

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i am using your chatbot on

We have 3 version on our site. Spanish (main), English and German.

We want to use a spanish chatbot on the spanish, and so on.

On the wordpress plugin, i added the spanish embed snippet, and on the english homepage, at the bottom of the wordpress editor, i added the snipped of the english chatbot. It also says that whatever snippet i add there, will override any other chatbot.

But for some reason only the snippet that i add in the settings page of the plugin shows up. If i change that snippet for the english one, the english one will show up. So, adding the snippet in the wordpress editor of the page doesn’t override anything at all.

All chatbots are set as widget.

What is the problem?


Hi there,

We see that you had mailed the customer team on the same issue. For a muti language WP site, the easiest way to have chatbots of the respective language is by using Google Tag manager.

Did this suggestion help you out?