[Solved] Version error in dashboard

Hey, just spent about two hours and build my bot. here is some feedback

When you test the chat, it is assumed that is an actual response and I get an email. No needed. And also, users may fear it counts towards there 30 free responses (does it? I hope not!)

Second, the sample text is really useful. I took me some time to understand, that the little icon show what kind of question it is “statement”, “suggestion” etc. is somehow not visible for the example text. That would make it really intuitive



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Also found some small spelling mistakes

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Aweomse @michel

You have a nice set of eyes there!

  1. We are working on a test mode feature.
  2. Spelling mistakes are going away. And more good news is that templates are coming soon :sunglasses:!
  3. Can you please tell me about the sample text issue. What exactly was not visible?

Thanks, all the drinking …



Ouch! Thanks for bringing it our notice.

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