Sms phone code


I asked this before as part of another issue but no answer as yet. The code received in SMS verification comes from a US phone number. Is there any way to make it come from an Australian number or better still from a word. Like our company name


Hi Khaled,

Sorry, we do not provide customisation of SMS sending number for now.



During my testing, on one occasion, the sms code arrived from an Australian number but all other tests come in from a US number


The sender number will be random. It is randomly chosen by our SMS provider considering deliverability and cost-effectiveness.


It is so important that clients get comfort that it is a local business not an American business and not a scam. Many Australians will not continue as soon as they see a foreign phone number being used by the sender of the sms code. Can this be added as an urgent feature request please


I understand your concern. But sorry, we cannot customise the sender number for each country.

Our system will be sending SMS from the random number assigned by our service provider.