Sms phone code


I asked this before as part of another issue but no answer as yet. The code received in SMS verification comes from a US phone number. Is there any way to make it come from an Australian number or better still from a word. Like our company name


Hi Khaled,

Sorry, we do not provide customisation of SMS sending number for now.



During my testing, on one occasion, the sms code arrived from an Australian number but all other tests come in from a US number


The sender number will be random. It is randomly chosen by our SMS provider considering deliverability and cost-effectiveness.


It is so important that clients get comfort that it is a local business not an American business and not a scam. Many Australians will not continue as soon as they see a foreign phone number being used by the sender of the sms code. Can this be added as an urgent feature request please


I understand your concern. But sorry, we cannot customise the sender number for each country.

Our system will be sending SMS from the random number assigned by our service provider.


I am having people drop off straight after receiving the SMS code because they get concerned when the SMS comes from a non Australian number. We are about to launch a big advertising campaign which should drive considerable traffic to our bot. The concern is that if we spend a lot of money then get no results due to this issue, it would all be a big waste of financial resources. Please re-consider this. There are a number of affordable SMS gateway providers here in Australia that you could partner with.


Hi Khaled,

One option we see is, you have to buy a phone number from the service provider we use and provide their API credentials. In this case, you will have to pay for the phone number and each SMS separately to the provider. Let us know if this is something you can consider?



Can the provider you use provide an Australian phone number. Or better yet, a word like our company name so that clients do not try to reply. And it says our company name as the sms sender


Try signing up to and buy a number and see their prices. I think they provide the Australian number.

Let me know if that works.


If i sign up, how can i connect it to the chatbots


Still waiting for a response


Hi Khaled,

You can buy a phone number You have to be aware of the monthly phone number cost and each SMS costs. Do recharge some credits to the account and then share the API key with us(in private).