SMS client a unique code


Is there any way to 1) create a unique 4 digit PIN and 2) send to SMS (maybe via Zapier or Integromat) and 3) await for client to enter that code as a response.


Are you planning to use the SMS to verify phone numbers?

If so, the method described here - will be useful.

If you have something else on your mind, please let us know in detail.



I found that after I posted the request. It does not work with Australian numbers however. It comes up with a validation error. A typical mobile number in Australia is formated as 04XX XXX XXX and the country code is +61 so if applied in international format, the zero at the beginning is dropped and the number becomes +61 4XX XXX XXX. Spaces obviously are optional but help to display the number in a more readable fashion. Your help would be appreciated.


We tried the exact same number and there is no validation error in a “Phone number” type question


Can you post the bot link you are facing this issue?


Please check the email i sent which shows it does not work for me with that number or any number in fact


We have solved this issue in other the thread.