Show not chosen options

Hi! I have a Multi Select question like this:
Question A: choose your documents

  • Option 1: Doc A
  • Option 2: Doc B
  • Option 3: Doc C

I know that I can refer to chosen answers with this code:

[@QuestionA], so if Doc A and Doc B are selected, I will see Doc A and Doc B.

However, I’d like to know if is possible to show unchosen answers, so if Doc A and Doc B are selected, i will see only Doc C


Hey there,

Sorry, we don’t have an option in the way you requested.

Please let me know what you are trying to do here. If you can share this question and the context that it is being asked, I can be of more help.


Hi Aslam. Thanks for your reply. Let me give you more context:

We are talking about some legal documents which people should have in order to buy or sell a property. Imagine that John would like to sell his asset, and in order to do so he should have Document A, Document B and Document C.

If John uses our chatbot, he will be asked wich documents he has, then if he only has Document B, at the end of the conversation the chatbot will tell him “You don’t have Document A and C”.

How to mimic this behavior?

Okay. Unfortunately, the same setup cannot be mimicked in the chatbot. Given your use-case it makes sense to re-phrase the first question as:

“Here are the documents you must have. Select the ones you already have”

Reiterating the fact that they don’t have the selected documents, doesn’t add more value to the conversation, per say. I hope this helps.