Sending date as YYYY/MM/DD


The birthdate collected by the ChatBot is sent to a server as August 30 1977.

However my receiver wants to collect the birthdate as 1977-08-30, so YYY/MM/DD.

How do I do the settings ?

Thanks in advanced.

Hi there,

Customising the date into the format you want can be done through coding. There are 3 ways to do this.

1. Format data during conversation:

Here you will grab the date data using the callback function collectchat.on and convert it to the format you require. Then send the data using a custom field.

2. Format data after conversation:

If you are using webhooks to send data, then you can format the data at the API endpoint.

3. Use Zapier Formatter

If you are using Zapier to send the data, you have to add Formatter by Zapier to your zap flow to modify the date settings. Here there is no coding involved.

I hope this helps.

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Please for more help

Would you have a tutorial for this ?


Unfortunately not.

Depending on the platform and choice of web programming, the instructions will be different. A developer will be able to do this in a jiffy.

If they are stuck somewhere, they can write to


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Hi Aslam,

Sorry for the late reply, I just sent you an email as you kindly offered.