Send data as url parameters after user submitting chat


Hi, I want to create a bot that will redirect clients to the payment page after finishing the chat flow.
I need to have a redirect to a specific url but to pass parameters in the URL based on the asnwers.
I saw this guide:
But I’m not sure where to paste this snippet.
Thank you.


The method mentioned here requires some amount of technical knowledge. I recommend you to consult one technical person if you are not one.

This only works when the chatbot is installed as a widget inside your website, not on landing page or embed mode.

You need to use the code snippet inside the same page where the widget is. The code will communicate with the widget and collect data after user completes the chat flow. Inside the javascript function you get the data and then you can use it to redirect using url params or even send data to server and then redirect to a unique url sent by your server.

Let me know if you need more help.