Responses not showing up


Hello, we’ve built a chatbot that we showcased during an event today (1st october) and around 100 people answered to all the questions on the chatbot, on three different tablets. Each time we refreshed the conversation using the refresh button built in the UI.

Though in the dashboard we only got around 7 responses at the end of the operation. Is there a reason why multiple repsonses coming from the same IP adress won’t register ? Is there any limitations imposed by in this matter ? Is there any way that we can restore the lost responses ?


UPDATE: We were able to solve the problem by forwarding the collected data to google sheets.


Hi there,

Thank you bringing this to our attention. Apparently chatbot reload does have an issue. The completed response was not getting saved in the Responses table. But the notifications were working as well as integrations like Google Sheet. If you had turned on email notifications, you should have seen the data.

We are working on the fix for that. I am glad that you connected your bot to the sheets in time.

BTW can you share a photo of the tablet or the event. We would love to see how users are using the bots across the world :slight_smile:

I will update you on the fix soon :+1:



Hi there,

Just wanted to let you know that we have fixed this issue.

How did the event go? If you could share some snaps, that would be awesome :slight_smile: