Request: Multi-Language Feature for Script



Hi there,

It would be cool to see a feature to add a translation directly in the script (e.g. like the attached screenshot). And then for each language that was added there would be separate sharing settings.

It’s possible to just duplicate the bot and then translate it. But once there would be a change and if the bot has quite a lot of logical jumps, it becomes increasingly hard to maintain the same version of the bot in multiple languages.

Also, we noticed that language translation plugins of users lead to very weird translations. So if our bot is in German, the browser would always identify the collect chat (landing page mode) as “English” and will try to translate the German text to German - which leads to very odd results.



Hi Timo,

We understand your difficulties. I will add this to our product backlog.
In meantime, please add this feature request to and vote for it.