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Hi BotMakers,

Chatbot templates make it easy for you to setup chatbots. It saves you time and also gives you a good overview on how to make an engaging chatbot.

We understand that every business is different. We are unrolling a lot of different templates that you can use.

Do you want to feature your chatbot on our template page?

You are most welcome to do so. All you have to do is to send a mail to [email protected] and we will do the needful.

Do you want us to make a chatbot template for your business?

Sure we can. That’s what this thread is for. Just leave a comment down below. Tell us the business use-case and we will make sure you have a template tailor-made for your business.

Really looking forward to seeing some amazing bots and requests.



Hello Aslam,

Can you make a template for medical spas booking appointment lead gen


Yes, I can. Can you send more details to [email protected] ?


I would really like a general customer service template, so we can answer general questions for both leads and customer as well as allow customer to submit cancellation requests and other requests that require handling on the company side.


I understand your requirement here.

Unfortunately, Customer Service is a broad domain. Making a template for it is not possible because it varies from industry to industry.

You will not be able to use it off the shelf like other templates. This is one case, where you have to start from scratch.


Can you create a Virtual Assistant service’s chat templates for us


Hi there,

Yes, we can. Virtual assistant sounds more general. What/who will be the chatbot assisting?

Can you give us some more inputs please? May be sharing the URL to your website or something similar can help us make a better template for you?



Above is the url for the website
We want to build for a clients leads capture and resolve thier questions


Hey there,

Here is a generalised template for you -

You may have to edit it to suit your needs. It should give you a starting point.

Here are other job-hiring related templates that you can look into for some reference and for potential use-cases within your company.

  1. (to take a pre-assessment of a job seeker)
  2. (to either hire people or get job seekers on board).

I hope these helps :slight_smile:,


Looking for a chat for Property Management, condominiums, town homes etc (no apts)


FYI My web site is


Our team is looking into this. If I have an update, I will share it with you.

In the meantime, please have a look here - and see if they suit your needs.