Receiving Multiple Email Notifications


Hi, I’ve been receiving 3 email notifications for each response. Each of the 3 emails has exactly the same content so it’s not an issue with incomplete response notifications. Any idea why this is happening?


Hi Philip,

This is strange.

This can be possible because of the ‘Send incomplete responses’ feature.

If the option is switched on, we will send an email each time the user leaves the browser window. Finally, upon completion of the conversation, we will be sending an email with full conversation data.

Can you please check the email content of the 3 emails you received for the same conversation? Does one email have more questions & answers than another?


Hi Shyjal,

Yes, the content of the emails is all the same. For example, for one set of notifications all conversations ended with one response - ‘speak to us now’. The emails were sent at exactly the same time and had exactly the same content. Thanks.


I tried to replicate this issue in different scenarios and could not reproduce it.

Are you facing this issue now also? Can you tell the bot id or link in which you are facing the issue?


Bot ID: 606c1a65cc6de004cacdb665


Are you still facing the issue @philip.reichelt?

We tested your chatbot and didn’t find anything unusual. Also, we didn’t get this issue report from any other customer.


Yes, we are still facing this issue. I’ve tried turning off incomplete responses and it definitely isn’t the cause.