Pull data from database to the chatbot

hi all

I am discovering collect.chat
Looks great!

I have questions: how to get all the information collected in the chat onto my website database ?
My goal is to collect answers via multiple choice questions, put a score in my database for each potentital answer, and at the end, to recommend my product 1, product 2 or product 3.

So ?
How to store the info in my database (where i put my factors)
At the end of the survey, how can i redirect my users to a “basket page” with the corresponding matching products

thanks all

Hi Julien,

The scoring logic is something we plan to do eventually. That will enable you to do the product recommendation without the need to reach out to the database.

This feature will be unrolled slowly.

Also to mention, Collect.chat does not have a feature, where you can pull data from databases.

Thanks for reaching out.


Also to add, you can store the responses collected by the bot to your database using Zapier. For a direct integration, please write a mail to care@collect.chat

In your case, since pulling from the database is not possible, storing the data in the first place will not be worth it.