Problem with Zapier with more than one bot


Hi, so I was setting up Zapier with SMS and Chatcollect bot, got my first one set with zero problems.

Next, I tried to do another bot to SMS setup in Zapier, but it only keeps seeing the original bot I used. I want to assign this new Zap to a new Bot. Is that not possible? Zapier logs into my account , and automatically maps to the first bot I used, doesn’t give me a choice to pick any of my other bots. How shall I proceed?



This is possible. You can connect different bots under the same account in different zaps.

In the below screenshot, you can see different bots showing under our account under choose account step of zap creation.

Let me know if you can see different bots in this section. Please try removing the account and reconnecting in zapier if you are facing any issues.