Plugin interferes with multiple parts of the site


I have experienced new issues with the collect chat plugin. The plugin code interfered with multiple part of my site. I just deactivate it for some tests, but it still shows up on the main page. If I enter to the widgets section, the chatbot code appears everywhere.

How could I fix this?



We are sorry this is happening on your website.

Can you tell which part of your website Is getting affected? Is it the public website or the wp-admin page?


Hello! Actually everywhere. If i try to edit an specific page, the chat appears inside the website. So, I have to activate the safe mode of the theme to edit some content. I also try to temporary deactivate it still appears inside. It is like the code spread everywhere. Is there a way to remove it completly and then reinstall the chat properly?



Did you try “show on homepage only” in our add-on settings?


That is part of the issue. There is no need to setup the plugin. It is in every part of the site: frontend and backend. Right now I uninstalled it but the pluggin stays there. It also affected the CSS.


That is strange. We have thousands of WordPress users and nobody reported this issue. We also cannot reproduce this issue in normal scenarios.

I think the this is happening because of any conflict with another plugin.
I would suggest you switch off each plugin to see if what is causing conflict.
Or you may use any script injecting plugin like to add our code snippet.