Phone number verification

Right now the phone number only verifies if you don’t include spaces, hyphens or parentheses. These need to be acceptable formats - 888-888-8888 or (888) 888-8888. Could we get control of what type of number is verifiable or can you allow these formats I listed?

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You are right. We will consider this to our feature addition.

I will update you, when this is done.

Hey @kara,

We have modified our number validation algorithm to accept International Phone numbers like 888-888-8888 or (888) 888-8888. Please check it out and let me know your thoughts :slight_smile:

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How do I validate a phone number input by the user? The “Number” item simply validates that a number is input. I don’t see a way to have it validate a phone number input mask.


Number validates a number input which also accepts characters like + and - to accommodate phone numbers. I suppose this is useful, tho we do not have a strict phone number validator.


Hi folks. I really need a option to put mask in the phone numbers “(xx) xxxxx-xxxx” and other fields, like in Brazil we use a number called CNPJ (

It is so simple to do in html forms using javascript, but in collect-chat we don’t have the option to customize this fields.

Look foward.

Best regards!


I am not sure I got you correctly. Are you looking to mask the field with *** like password fields? Or a strict validation for Brazil based phone numbers?

Thanks for your reply Shyjal.

I need a validation and mask from Brazilian phobe numbers and a business registration number called CNPJ (when the user types the numbers, the field would automatically assign the punctuation).

You can validate phone number using minimum and maximum number of characters. We made the number field flexible to include most of the use cases.

We will not be implementing specific maskings as it will be irrelevant for most of our users. But, will be adding regular expression based validations which you can make use of. Stay tuned!