Phone number Type problem with validation

I keep trying to do the SMS verification under Phone number type. Why does it keep saying some phone numbers are invalid when they are valid?


I am sorry you have issues with SMS verification in

Are you trying 10-digit numbers in the US?

Yes. When I enter 800 numbers, it works fine. But when I enter any other number, it says invalid phone number even though the numbers are valid. This was the sole reason I purchased because of this feature and it’s not working. I really need a work around


This is happening because of a recent policy change by US mobile carriers. We are undergoing a review from the mobile providers. After the review, the SMS to 10-digit US numbers will be working fine. The expected time of completion is 1-2 weeks.

Do you know if the issue has been resolved yet?

We are sorry. The phone carrier’s process is taking longer than expected. Resolving this issue might take 1 or 2 weeks.