Onclick event for links

Hi collect.chat team,

Like you, I use Support Hero on my website. I would like for my bot to offer a link that opens the Support Hero help center. Support Hero offers the following link to open their support widget:

<a href="#" onClick="window.supportHeroWidget.show();">View FAQ</a>

My question is, how can I add the onClick event to my bot’s link?

Currently I am only seeing the option to make the href="#" and to adjust the anchor text.

I do not see a way to add the onClick=“window.supportHeroWidget.show();”

Thank you!

Hi Keller,

Great to see another SupportHero User! :thumbsup:

We don’t support JS function calls onClick events.

On a side note - This is would be a bad experience for the customer, jumping from one tool to the other.

What I suggest is to provide a link to your support hero help centre (company.supporthero.io) or your hosted page inside the bot. In our bots, we are using the link to open help.collect.chat.


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After I posted this I saw in SupportHero that I had a link to the Help Center. Makes perfect sense! Thanks!

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