Nowhere for customers to type question

I have installed a simple bot but where can customers type their questions?
I cannot see any type input area in the collectchat popup.

Can anyone help please?

Hi Spectre,

There is a Script type called Text Question -

Please use this in your Chatbot Script to allow your users to type questions or answers. bots perform best, when you make it option-driven using Multi-Choice type conversations. You can refer our chatbot templates pages to learn more.

If you need more help, please let me know.
Aslam from

Hi Aslam. Thank you for your response. I have my simple bot running now but there is still a problem.
Once a user has asked one question he cannot ask another.
Sorry if I sound foolish, but how do I respond to any question they ask?


Can you please share the link to the page (or the link to the bot) where you set up the bot? So that we can take a better look please?

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