New Visualisation for Logical Jump. What do you think?

Hi all,

We have just added some new visualizations to the Logical Jump feature.

At first you could, only set the questions to jump to from the Logical Jump Menu (as seen in the above image).

Now you can see these jump options, just below these questions in the Script section

When you click these mini options, it will take you directly towards that question. This makes it easy for you to understand the conversation flow.

Also, if you choose to End the Conversation after a line, there will be a dotted line to portray this information visually.

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Let us know your thoughts in the comment section, what you think of this new change? It’s really valuable to us.


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Love the new Visualization, Aslam!

Next step would be something like a visualized tree with all the logic jumps in it, either in graphic format or as text. Keep up the good work, guys



It’s cool! but I still think that a visualized tree is the best path to take. This update makes things easier, isn’t the best solution to be able to keep track of complex scripts.