New "Delay" Script Type + Dynamic Fields

There are a couple new features that I could really use…

One easy one is “Delay” … Would like a Script Type to add delays (I could specify how many seconds… between 1 and 20 seconds per delay) between questions… to give the chatbots a more human feeling.

The second one is “Dynamic Fields”… so in the text of any script… we can include an answer from a previous question… for example… I could include the date they specified in a question later in the interaction. Question 1. What date would you like to schedule with the dentist [user chooses date]… then in Question 2… I can include their answer to Question 1 in Question 2… We look forward to seeing you on {Q1 Answer}.

Both of these features would give the chatbots a more personalized feeling.

Thanks Again!

Hi Alex,

We have added your delay-request to our list. I also recommend reading this doc we wrote here - Can I customize the speed of the conversation?

Most cases can be handled by a neat trick we have mentioned there.

What you mentioned as “Dynamic Fields” is what we call variables. This is already available. You can use the “@” inside the script section to address the answers of previous questions.

Please do try it,
Aslam from

Terrific Aslam. Thank you very much!!

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