Multiple chatbots inside one chatbot


If there are many topics with many questions, it is difficult to organize them in one conversation.
I need to structure the conversation into different parts a’la: introduction, topic selection, personal information, booking, summary, feedback, etc.
Now I’m using up to 10 different chats and it is difficult to combine the answers and not possible to use them as arguments in other chat. It’s working in page mode only, not as widget.


Hi Heikki,

Thanks for your request.

Yes, we are aware of this issue when you are trying to build a large conversation for the user.

Currently we don’t have a Logical Jump feature or Variable feature that can do what you have in mind.

You will have to build the entire conversation in the same chatbot to get the complete data in one go.

We are working towards a better UI to sort this issue out. Stay tuned!

Aslam from