Message at the end of conversation


I want to show user a result based on the options he/she selects while interacting the bot. I was relying on the .on(‘complete’) callback for this. I get the list of answers and I generate my result in JS using the answers but when I use collectchat.message - the message does not show up. Is it because I have ended the conversation.

If that is the case, how can I get the list of options in .on(‘message’) callback. Please help.

I debugged the code and it seems because I am using this in embed mode it is not working. I tried to do this in widget mode and it worked. If this is true, then this should have been there in the documentation somewhere. I am stuck at the last stop. Please help.

As per this documentation -
It should work in both modes

Can anyone update please?

Can I expect any solution to this?

Any solution for this. Unfortunately, I am getting a lot of awards for asking questions, but not many solutions though.

Sorry, we have an issue with .message for iframes. It is a technical challenge because most browsers don’t allow passing message inside iframes of different domains.

Our team is looking into it. I will let you know once we are able to fix the issue.