Making bot start as soon as page is loaded


I would like to get a bot to start in wordpress as soon as page is loaded. I also want to make it use the full page mode. I have tried landing page mode and widget mode. Landing page mode does nothing at all but display the url as text at the top of the page. widget mode loads the little icon which the user must click to initiate. It also does not show my custom background etc. Here is Bot ID : 5fc99bed5028dc35afd0dd6f
What am I doing wrong


Hi Khaled,

Have you seen the Custom Domain feature? -

You can create a Custom Domain for your bot when in Landing Page mode. And then use that custom URL on your website, just like any other page.

Please have a look at the guide and let me know if you have any questions.

Happy New Year :slight_smile:
Sibel from


I dont need custom domain. I want So from a button on the home page it would go to mybotpage whixh should then just trigger as a full page rather than a widget with an icon awaiting to be clicked.


Hi Khaled,

Do you want to have other content also in your page or just the bot?

If you want other contents also In that page, widget mode is our only option. Otherwise, you may use our 3rd mode Embed mode



I accepted your first suggeetion of using CNAME redirect.