Major change in workflow - "Publish" button and unpublished "Drafts"

Hi Everyone,

Just here to announce a new change in your chatbot making workflow.

You will find a new Publish button inside the dashboard.

Earlier, all changes were auto-saved and published to the live version immediately.

Unfortunately, we learnt that this was creating issues while modifying a live chatbot.

That’s why we introduced this button.

Right now, any change you make to the bot will be auto-saved as a draft. These changes will go live, only when you click on Publish.

Checkout to try it out!

Here is a helpdesk article about this workflow Publish the chatbot

Let us know what you feel about this new feature.


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Great UX upgrade guys! Especially like the clearer indication of the chat logic (which dialogue box the question is linked to and where the user comes from to that particular box)

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