Logic Jump - Jump If Value equals condition

In one of our questions, we ask for the the customers name, which then triggers the next follow up question. It asks to check for value before jumping, see my attached document, what do I put in that field in order to ensure they’re putting a name in there so it jumps to the correct question?

Hi there,

I am sorry. Currently there is no check in place to verify that they have inserted a proper name on the bot.

The value checking as shown in the Screenshot can be used for exact text comparisons in questions like,

“If you have a coupon code share it with us”. Then you can use the value checking to see if the code was the one was valid.

I hope my explanation is clear to you.


Hello Aslam,

Thank you for the clarification. So for instance, if we’re trying to get someone’s name, but they instead type in a question, how do we either defer to another statement correctly, or ensure that they can only enter a name and nothing else?


That actually comes down to how you structure the conversation. If you specifically asked for a name and the user gave a text input that is not a name, the chatbot is helpless.

There are chances that such a situation may occur. There are no checks you can do on the bot to prevent this from happening. Because the chatbots made in Collect.chat are not AI-based. They are functional and rule-based chatbots.


Hi Aslam,

Got it, thanks for clarifying.