Local storage vars deleted on refresh



Hi guys,

I found an unexpeced behavior.
If the little “refresh” icon of the chatbox is klicked the whole local storage is reset. Means all variables are lost. Even the ones which are not belonging to the Bot or the collect.chat website are deleted.

You can test it by just using the preview function and klick on the icon. Even the variables of the collect.dashboard are reset/deleted (such as activeWorkspace).

I’m using the latest version of Chrome on a Windows 10 machine.

Hope this helps improving the bot. If possible a soon fix is appreciated :blush::+1:

Here you can find the vars I’m talking about: DevConsole -> Application -> Storage -> Local Storage

This is how it looks like after refresh is clicked, all empty/gone/deleted


Thank you very much for pointing out this issue.

We have fixed it. Please try again after clearing the browser cache. It should work fine.



Hi Shyjal,
much appreciated. I can confirm the fix. Behavior is now as expected.