Label elements in script so developer can see it but users can't

I use multiple branches in my chatbot using logical jumps so I can customize my response to them.

Currently I use number/letter combos at the beginning of the text. (eg: 1a, 1b, 7c, 7d etc.) This stops me getting lost while developing the jumps.

These labels need to be removed before going live (of course). But then this makes editing the script later very difficult.

Can we label script elements so the developer can see their label but the user cannot?



Hi Glenn,

Thanks for your feedback. Making a complex chatbot with a lot of jumps can be a bit hard.

We understand that. For the time being your method sounds interesting and should be useful for other users.

We are planning to bring a visual tree flow or something similar in the future that can help address the issues you mentioned. Please keep an eye on for more info.

Aslam from