Keyword based Logical Jump


Currently I’m using Jump if value equals a condition. It works fine but i need to add possibly thousands of
conditions. Is there any way of providing a dataset of conditional logic entries?


Hi Max,

Could you please elaborate on your Script?

Are you using Logical Jump for Text Question type? Is it a keyword-based chatbot you are building?

Please share us some screenshots of your Script so that we will have a better idea.

Kind regards


yes Im using a logical jumps, with question type and yes its keyword based. Can you please tell me if I can drive the logic from a data set?


Hi Max,

Thanks very much for elaborating on your use-case :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, we are not suitable for keyword-based, our platform makes interactive menu-based chatbots only.

Sorry to disappoint you, in this case, it looks like we are not suitable for your requirements.

Kind regards


But how can do this tell me explain that’s all keyboard to the explain offline online thank you.


Please can you close this conversation. We have worked out our solution. Many Thanks.

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