Japanese Text input



There is a big problem with Japanese input.
I can’t use it unless I clear it.

Sent when the user presses the Enter key on the keyboard and enters a name, etc. I want to stop sending with the Enter key.

The user cannot send accurate information because it is sent during character conversion.


Hi there,

In our chatbots, for the text input question, the pressing of the enter key is treated as the send signal for the message. That’s how most textbox inputs work BTW.

In your case, you say it is a problem with Japanese Input. Can you please share some more details? Some screenshots or screen recording will help our team understand the issue better.



Hello, Aslam
thank you for your reply.

I forgot to say one.
This issue only occurs on “Mac”.
Windows is fine.

For Japanese, enter while converting.
If you press Enter, it will be sent even if all the entries have not been completed.